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Atuel Canyon 
01-01 to 03-31 $13,250

Includes Spanish guide

Departures: Sundays and Thursdays

Hours: 07:00 to 21:00

Mendoza has 3 well-defined oases, in the south of our province there is one that forms the departments of San Rafael and Gral. Alvear. San Rafael is the second important city of Mendoza, distant 230 km.

It is crossed by 2 rivers, Diamante and El Atuel, which supply water to this oasis, which is very rich in the production of vines and other fruit trees.

The curious course of the Atuel River has created over time the majestic Atuel Canyon, with geoforms, colors and amazing views. Several dams and hydroelectric plants complete this scenario, which due to its natural beauty has become a very important tourist development.

We have the optional alternative not included in the value of the excursion  activities, such as rafting or catamaran rides, etc.

Includes: Transportation with guide. Search in the central Hotel.

Does not include Food. Does not include optional activities

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