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Horseback Riding the Quebrada del Condor Full Day $47,400


Our scenario to carry out the activity will be in a unique place due to its geographical characteristics at 2400 meters above sea level, in the Andes Mountains, in the Uco Valley. The magnificence of its landscape and the magnificence of the flying condors...


An amazing site with one of the purest environments on the planet…


8.30 a.m. Presentation of the transport unit and accompanying guide at the hotels or informed meeting point. Departure to the Quebrada del Cóndor via Potrerillos and the Mirador de la Hoyada where we will have a sensation of being able to touch the mountains with our hands.


10.30 a.m. Arrival to the Quebrada, adventure base.


Reception: coffee, mate, Cuyan pancakes, sopaipilla and regional delicatessen (homemade).

Safety talk.

Beginning of the ride. Includes: Gaucho for horseback riding and gentle horses with Creole helmet mount.

At the foot of the Cordón del Plata, in the Uco Valley we will be surprised by the wealth of flora and fauna. Herds of guanacos, condors, foxes, hares and an incredible variety of birds will be our company.

We will stop in the middle of the route and we will enjoy something very regional on the banks of a waterfall: some delicious mates

We will continue along the animal trails to reach an altitude of 2,800 meters at a viewpoint where we will be able to appreciate a unique landscape of the Cordón del Plata and the Potrerillos Valley.

2:30 p.m.Lunch 

Entry: meat empanadas.

Main: Creole roast on the grill (chorizos, a variety of cuts of beef and pork) served with roasted vegetables (potatoes, onion) on the embers, seasonal salads (arugula, tomatoes, carrots, greens and various vegetables). Country bread.

Dessert: Pears with Malbec. Coffee.

Drinks: 500ml sparkling and still water, one per person, 1 750ml bottle of wine for every two people. Soda line Coca-Cola.

5:00 p.m. Departure from La Quebrada to Mendoza, arrival approximately 18.30 / 19 pm.

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